Sofiya Antonyuk

James Bond Movie Analysis

CSC 173

Project Information

Data set can be found on kaggle, here.
In this data set I wanted to see how the popularity of this franchise has been world wide
and if certain aspects of the movies has helped with its success. I evaluate the world gross
based on the actors played, and popular cars and quotes associated with the franchise.

Actor vs. Character

Bite me

Using a bar graph we answer the question "How many times did an actor play James bond?"

World Gross per Movie and actor.

Using an interactive bar graph we answer the question "What was the worldy gross of each James Bond movie per actor?"
We have the ability to hover each rectangualr data which allows us to see how much a movie recieved world wide in Dollars,
and which actor was the main James Bond character. Comparing to the graph above we see that even though Pierce Brosnan
& Daniel Craig both played James Bond four times, Daniel Craigs movies had and overall larger worldly gross.

Depicted Film Location vs. Shooting Location

This interactive world map answers the question "Where was the movie taking place and where was it filmed?
We have the option to choose all movie or one which shows points on the world map. The smalle point indicates
where the movie was taken place while the larger point represents where the filming location was.

Bond Girl Nationality

This lolipop graph asnwers the question "How much did a movie gross world wide based on the nationality of the bond girl?"
We cant give all the sucess the the male dominate role and give some credit to the ladies.

Famous Bond Cars

This pie chart answers the question "Which car was most popular in all of the James Bond series?"
We see that the Aston Martin was by far the most popular and the car that the James Bond charaacter was known to drive.

Shaken not Stirred

The James Bond quote "Shaken not stirred" is known to be well acquainted with the franchise .
The character is known for his love for martinis and in this chart we find the answer to "How many times does James Bond actually have a martini?"
We are able to visualy the spikes and number of martinis consumed and if we hover over a point we get a clearer asnwer.
Surprisngly enough the character doesnt seem to drink martinis in many of the movies.

Bond, James Bond

Another well known qoute by the character is "Bond, James Bond" This graph answers the question
"How many times did the character say this quote and why is it so popular. Here we see that the character
didn't say the quote that many times, however its popularity is still large and became a classic staple for the franchise.

Project Write Up

This was a fun data set to observe and manipulate. There are many other questions that can be asked from this set,
but for the sake of time I chose ones that seemed intersting to me. I did encounter a few problems when placing all
my graphs into one html file such as sizing and margins. I was able to figure out some of them however not 100" succesfully.
I also wanted to add tooltips to more of my interactive graphs such as the "World Map" and "Bond Girl Chart".
I believe it had something to do with the overlapping of variables which even though I tried to keep unique my code would ocassianlly crash
For the sake of time I did what I could. Would definitely like to explore and practice more with d3.js.