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Scrum Doggs

Michael Mun

David Benjamin

Sofiya Antonyuk

Catherine Nguyen

Kaleb Bello

Milad Pashazadeh

Anthony Tisdale

Jon Knight

Advisor: Dr. Haiquan (Victor) Chen

*Unfortunately Snoop Dogg is not part of this team.

Senior Project Information


Client: Robert Calderon CEO and Founder of Newcal Media and Chartbot.
Newcal Media: Marketing Agency that specializes in social media advertising.
Chartbot: Stock screener that allows users to find their next trade through market updates and stock analysis.


Problems to solve

User Interface:
•Simple yet nonintuitive.
•Lacks visual information.

Search bar:
•Can't search by keywords.
•Slow response time. No advanced filtering.

•Static noninteractive charts. No key indicators.
•No data points breakdown. No real time changes.

Proposed Solution

Team solutions

Modern Newsfeed Layout:
•Swipe-able pages.
•Scroll-down menu with button collapse.

Search bar:
•Include trending stocks.
•Include name matching for stocks.

•Live data reception.
•Stock history storage (up to 5yrs)
•Interactive charts

Solutions overview

•Improved user experience.
•Enhanced tools to allow for more in-depth technical analysis.
•Improved access to numerical trends. 
•Deliver extensible and test-driven code.
•Accessibility for users new to stocks.​

•Dynamic visualization of numerical trends.
•Improved graph/API integration. 
•Recommendation System Algorithm.


High Fidelity of Stock Chart

Search Function (rough) Prototype

Search Function Prototype

News Feed v1

News Feed v2

Menu Pressed


Updated Newsfeed


Selectable/scrollable newsfeed.

Single Stock Selection


Stock driven newsfeed (select a stock to refresh newsfeed with stock specific news.)

Updated Support Page


Single press to email the support team

1 day


1 month view of stock prices.

4 months


4 month view of stock prices.

1 year


1 year view of stock prices.


Subject to Change

•Currently on Sprint 11
•Update and finalize website
•Finalize documentation
•Showcase Part 1: Due May 7th
•Showcase Part 2: May 14th 9am-12pm


•Had first team meeting as "Scrum Doggs."
•Met with Rob & agreed to have him as our client.
•Succesfully completed Sprints 01-05 before winter break.
•Received code from Rob and began development.
•Presented our changes to our client.
•Succesdully completed Sprints 06-11.


Models, Software & Languages Learned

•Scrum methodology.
•High-Fidelity Prototypes.
•Low-Fidelity Prototypes.

Team Lessons Learned

•Team Communication and Collaboration.
     Team work makes the dream work.
•Extensive Documentation and Collaboration.
     More documentation/communicating than anticipated.
•Importance of Context Diagrams.
     Serve as great visual displays of future UI ideas.
•Importance of Scrum.
     Light-weight structure cuts out a lot of documentation time making it more      flexible for us to create quick ideas to implement.
•Fintech and Investing.
     Learning the application demonstrates knowledge of financial sector.